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  • Thanks for updating, and for the quick info on getting up and running. Can't wait to put this to use for my applications!
  • Re. the firmware, I'm all set. While I don't really get it and found it a bit frustrating, it's done so I'm a happy camper. The reference to the LTR329 is right on your C series page. I now see that the spec sheet matrix limits this feature to t…
  • Progress! My wife's phone worked. I did notice it prompted for location access on her phone, but don't recall it doing that on mine. I'm at 1.2.1 now, though the original reason I emailed Mbient was because I get the error "Color Detector module (…
  • Just tried the manual way. It goes through the same process, though this time I can see a message pop up at the bottom of the app in the background during the "reconnecting" phase. It says "Error connecting to device 129."
  • HTC One m8 (sprint) running 5.1.1. I'm not in my usual building this week so I'm not sure I'll get a chance to try a co-workers phone until next week. My phone is rooted and running a cyanogen 12.1 release (not nightly build); I could try on the sto…
  • It said "upgrading, please wait" but stays at 0/100, then "reconnecting" and then "DFU failed unable to write op code error 1032" in my notifications.