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  • Thank you for the reply. I've been going through a lot of debugging and we ruled out the battery as a problematic factor. Is there a reason that MetaMotionR would consume significantly more battery than MetaWearRG in the same setting? The IMU is …
  • The sensors from Batch 1 are actually MetaMotion RG. We tried an additional test: We used the old battery with the new sensors, however this doesn't seem to help and it seems that the battery is still drained fast - we will have the full test res…
  • I upgraded the firmware on some of the boards and will monitor to see whether the issue will appear again. Thank you
  • Eric, Is there any updates or new ETA for the firmware upgrade?
  • Matt, Thanks for the response. Do you have any ETA on the new release? Any way I can apply it to my sensors before you publicly release it? I am really eager to solve this issue as I am supporting around 15 sensors, which are distributed at differ…
  • Laura, unfortunately it is hard for me to change to python + bluez as there are compatibility of the software I am running.  I guess, there are two separate problems:  1) Acceleration stops streaming and I need to soft reset. This happens when I …
  • Thanks for the quick reply. We are not using the 15 sensors at once. The problem appears even if there is 1 sensor connected to the bluetooth card. Also, we handle errors in our code, but there is nothing indicating that the streaming has stopped.…