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  • Thanks all of you for your answers. Maybe I am running out of spec of the BLE. In this case, would there be a solution? As to use the Metamotion R Board in a crowded environment. (With the Iphone being 1meter from the person) As for the Blue…
  • Yes, we can but I am convinced it is not a problem of the board. I have four MetaMotion R board that I have bought from Mbientlab. And they all face the same problem. I think it is en environment problem. In which the Board connects perfectly exc…
  • Yes, I have increased the tx power to 4db. But the board is still disconnecting. I have four Metamotion R board. Same problem each time. When, in my work environment, I connect the Metamotion R board to the Iphone, The connection is good(no to a…
  • Yes, for that I know. I am talking about extracting the data of one of the output at a time. Meaning, or, from the gyro, or the Sensor Fusion, or from the accelerometer. My mistake, I thought I was clear about it. And I would like to extrac…
  • Well, I think quaternions is too advanced for me now. I'll be using the tracker with other data