Using Sensor Fusion as a better gyroscope.


How can I use your tracker in order to see a movement that has an angle change?

1) By using the gyroscope, I can see data in 3 axis that shows the angle change.

2) However, for neater data, you offer sensor fusion, IMUPlus (just for the accelerometer & gyroscope).
It has 3 output to choose from:
Which has an axis that changes from total negative to max positive sometimes in the movement.

That do not detect some movements changes.

Which seemed to be the best alternative (and the only one with your Sensor Fusion for movement sensing). 
However, it is expressed in a 4 axis mode. And those axis interchange one another sometimes. (Making it hard to collect the data).

Therefore, is there an option to have data like the gyroscope (in 3 axis), but also like quaternion (as stable as it is)?

I am currently with the metamotionR tracker.


  • I'm not quite sure what your concerns with quaternioins are. Do you have data that illustrates these issues?

  • Well, I think quaternions is too advanced for me now. I'll be using the tracker with other data

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