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  • Apologies @samsgates don't mean to hijack your thread but would like to address the same problem. With the factory default settings, sample iOS / android application and full battery charge, what is the expected lifetime of the metawear board? Is th…
  • While this feature is appreciated, is may not be of value to many users especially if it increases battery drain. This feature must be user selectable and disabled by default.
  • Doubling the price of the hardware for pre soldered battery and case is unacceptable, accessory or no accessory. You will not grow community support for your product this way..
  • Thanks Eric, perfect..
  • @samsgates use the sample app to control the buzzer. Review the code to see how it was implemented.
  • Laura the theoretical max distance of ble is < 100m so your response doesn't answer the question. Assuming no obstructions, example open field, are you stating the metawear board will operate at a range of 100m ??
  • Thanks Laura. Actually my only interest is android. I understand you've just released the product but if you intend to support multiple OS you need to provide support to all platforms simultaneously. I didnt see this information in the API documenta…
  • Does your phone support Bluetooth 4.0 or greater? You dont need to solder the battery to test the board, the usb connection works just as well. And yes you need to download the sample app to test the connection.
  • The Accelerometer API includes support for free fall detection. Refer to the documentation for further details: https://mbientlab.com/docs/MetaWearAPI_Android_v1.0/index.html?com/mbientlab/metawear/api/controller/Accelerometer.Register.html
  • Yes the components will fit the pocketband. I got my kit yesterday. See sample image link with Metawear Kit and Pocketband. http://imgur.com/UeOvvjz