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  • That sounds good.
  • I've kind of underestimated the difficult but I'm getting there hopefully. The only really difficult part is verifying if the implementation is correct. good thing there is a large variety of tests that I will have to re-implement but it will prove …
  • just a quick update, I've re-implemented nearly all the modules. The only large remaining part is the bluetooth interface and verifying that the api is correct. then I could work on restructuring things a bit better to work with dart. https://git…
  • Making some good progress, I've made my way through half of the library. Still quite a lot to implement but I think I'm getting somewhere.
  • @Laura one thing I'm a little confused about the api is Data. what does it do actually. It looks like it some method to query modules and their subtypes of some kind . As far as i can tell it's mainly used for functional testing.
  • Yep, I'm working from the java implementation. At the moment I'm trying to keep it as close to 1 to 1 as possible. I might have to tweak things to work with some of the constraints in Dart. For instance the dynamic typing nature of the library preve…
  • might make sense to replicate the python API with this library. I would need to rework the api to an extent. I would like to have someone review the library and suggest changes. I'll have more time after finals.The code is available here: https://g…
  • It's pretty rough around the edges and you need to compile the mex code to use this. I haven't had time but I would like to wrap the whole thing in a matlab wrapper to hide the C++ api.
  • I've already done that. I'm just happy that I can download all the data.
  • I think it's because I was registering multiple loggers. I found running teardown and then configuring seems to have resolved the problem. I'm not sure but I also found the connection got really wonky without calling teardown. I think it was because…
  • I got the serialization working properly. I was trying to use anonymous signals with just the accelerometer but it crashes when I try to download the data. does it only work with component signals?
    in Logging Comment by mpollind October 2018
  • how do I go about recovering the handlers when I reconnect to an existing board. the Metbase app seems to be capable of this. anonymous signals never seem to quite work and then crashes when I try to download the data. could this be added to the C+…
    in Logging Comment by mpollind October 2018
  • I was able to download small amounts of data correctly but anything longer then 500 seconds at 25hz only collecting accelerometer data gave me issue. MetaMotion R model number: 5 firmware: 1.4.2 Hardware 0.3
  • what do I call to reset the sensors. the only thing I can find that suggest reset is mbl_mw_metawearboard_tear_down().
    in Logging Comment by mpollind October 2018
  • here is a sample of the log entries: something happens when the memory fills up or something.
  • I found that connecting to the sensors with the metbase with logging and then running configuration on my end seems to work. Is there something I need to set?
  • Thanks for the clarification.
  • I updated the api a bit and restructured everything a bit. I will probably work on providing some binaries but the library is still unstable. the handler for connecting the sensor to ble has a chance to crash Matlab. here is some sample code from…
  • I've cleaned up some of the configuration problems and I have something that works fairly well. I have some plans to support more of the api. I'll have to write some matlab code to wrap the mexw file. This should improve the usability of the library…
  • you can also use the Qt bluetooth library. here is the the wrapper I wrote for my application:…