Logging and downloading data stopping abruptly

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The sensors still seem to be connected but the data seems to stops abruptly. I'm not sure what I can do to resolve this behavior. is this a problem with the firmware or is it a bluetooth problem i'm unaware of? I've tried quite a few things but nothing seems to work. I might end up having to add a timeout mechanism but how would this behavior work in terms of the sensors. do I start from the beginning or where i left off?


  • Post the board model, hardware revision, and firmware revision.

    What you're describing suggests that connection is being lost during the download so confirm that the device is in fact still maintaining connection. Test the boards with MetaBase to see if the same issues occur.

  • I was able to download small amounts of data correctly but anything longer then 500 seconds at 25hz only collecting accelerometer data gave me issue.

    MetaMotion R
    model number: 5
    firmware: 1.4.2
    Hardware 0.3

  • Hrm..okay, using the latest hardware and firmware.

    I would like to confirm whether or not you are simply losing connection during a download and if you run into the samee issue with MetaBase.

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    I think it's because I was registering multiple loggers. I found running teardown and then configuring seems to have resolved the problem. I'm not sure but I also found the connection got really wonky without calling teardown. I think it was because I was creating multiple loggers. I was planning on ordering bluetooth dev board so that I could collect ble packets, but I think i've resolved my problem through trial and error.

    I'm finding that downloading 300k samples takes quite some time, but I don't think that can be helped.

  • Reduce the max connection interal to 7.5ms before starting the download. See the 2nd paragraph in the documentation:


  • I've already done that. I'm just happy that I can download all the data.

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