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I've been working on a small wrapper library that allows these metwaer sensors to work directly with matlab. There is still some problems with the implementation that needs to be cleaned up and at the moment, but this is mostly just a basic implementation that shows that this works. There are still some fairly outstanding bugs that I need to work out before this is a viable library to use. I wanted to see what people think about this and any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

There is also the problem of proper documentation and licensing.

sensor = metawear('connect','DB:04:F4:40:20:56');

[epoch,x,y,z] = metawear('query_accelerometer',sensor);


  • I've cleaned up some of the configuration problems and I have something that works fairly well. I have some plans to support more of the api. I'll have to write some matlab code to wrap the mexw file. This should improve the usability of the library. At the moment the library is only capable of streaming from the gyro and the accelerometer. I'll open it up to the rest of the sensors once I work out a sane way to handle the multiple signals. I'm also looking into a server setup for building.

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    I updated the api a bit and restructured everything a bit. I will probably work on providing some binaries but the library is still unstable. the handler for connecting the sensor to ble has a chance to crash Matlab.

    here is some sample code from the base implementation but I would prefer if the library was wrapper in a matlab library for usability.

    sensor = metawear('connect','FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF');
    %% configure sensor
    quat_signal_1 = metawear('subscribe_fusion',sensor,'EULER_ANGLE');
    %% start capture
      [epoch_1,yaw, pitch,roll,heading] = metawear('query',sensor,quat_signal_1);
     if(size(epoch_1) > 0)
          %fprintf('angle: yaw: %f pitch: %f roll: %f , heading: %f \n',yaw, pitch,roll,heading);
          disp(['epoch: ' num2str(epoch_1(end)) ', yaw: ' num2str(yaw(end)) ', pitch: ' num2str(pitch(end)) ', roll: ' num2str(roll(end)) ', heading: ' num2str(heading(end)) '\n']);
    %% stop capture
  • Cool! Any further info on this?

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