Logging 2 Sensor Fusion Elements


I've noticed in some older forum posts, it's mentioned that it's not possible to concurrently log both linear acceleration and quaternion values at 100 hz. Does this still hold true? If so, how does the IOS MetaBase app log both elements concurrently?

Many thanks.


  • This is not true. You can do only 1 sensor fusion output at a time.

    So you could do euler at 100Hz + acc at 25Hz (just raw acc straight from the accelerometer and not the sensor fusion acc).

    You cannot do the gravitation free acc (corrected acc) + euler for example as these are both outputs of the sensor fusion lib.

  • Thanks for the information!

    If it's only possible to log 1 sensor fusion output at a time, how is the MetaBase app able to log multiple sensor fusion outputs concurrently?


  • The MetaBase App should not be able to do this.

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