Stopping/Pausing Sensor Fusion

To stop a metaMotion sensor you need to do something like this:


But using this (the second line) you also stop the algorithm that produces data and I don't want that. Is it possible to pause the sensor without stopping the fusion algorithm? I tried to use only the first line but this didn't change anything. In your documentation,
you say that quaternion().stop() stops data creation but it seems that is not true. Actually quaternion().stop() has no effect at all in my code.

Update: I found that if you use other modules such as accelerometer, gyro etc then accelerometer.acceleration().stop() works perfectly fine and you can stop the data creation. So this bug occurs only on fusion module.


  • I am not sure exactly what you need here but you have to stop everything:
    1. sensor fusion stop (this doesn't stop the acc or gyro, only the sensor fusion library)
    2. gyro stop (this stops the gyro)
    3. acc stop (this stops the acc)

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