Mac OS Catalina

I'm posting this to help anyone out who is trying to use the Metaware Javascript SDK with Mac OS Catalina (latest Mac OS as of this writing) and is having problems.

After downgrading from Node 12 to Node 8, I was finally able to install both Noble and the Metaware Javascript SDK. But when trying to connect to my MetaMotionC using Noble, I'd get an error in highsierra.js. Noble hasn't been updated for a while (definitely not since Catalina was released), so after lots of experimentation, I figured out that I could get my Mac OS Catalina to connect to my MMC using @abandonware/noble.

Therefore, I created a forked version of Metaware Javascript SDK that is built on top of @abandonware/noble.

If you want to use it:

  • Make sure you're using Node 8. Rather than downgrading, I use nvm so that I can switch between Node 8 and 12 whenever I want.
  • Make sure you have XCode installed.
  • Uninstall noble if you have it installed. (npm uninstall --save noble)
  • npm install --save ""


  • @Laura , I'm not sure how that thread your referred to is relevant to what I'm sharing here. That thread is about Node 8 vs Node 10+. As I stated in my original post, I am already resigned to using Node 8 by using nvm.

    My post was on an entirely different issue where the current Metaware Javascript SDK doesn't work on Mac OS Catalina. And I'm just sharing my fork of the Metaware Javascript SDK that works on top of @abandonware/noble rather than noble/noble and therefore works with the latest Mac OS, Catalina.

  • Thank you for clearing that up @alexdpoon

    We don't officially support our Node.JS/Javascript APIs on MacOS at the moment and the tutorials your are using are not meant for MacOS Node installations at all.

    Again, we do not support MacOS + Node.JS APIs but you may be able to get it working as noble and node are supported on Macs.

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