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I would like to know how I can stop the app from a recording and download later. My data sessions are three hours long, so I'm very well aware that'll take a long process to download. I'm afraid of over riding my data that I've collected while I'm waiting for the sensors to download. Downloading is anywhere from 24 to 72 hours after testing. The app still has them recording according to the screen even a week later. I am testing again this week. A quick response would help me greatly. I am not opposed to virtual/phone communication


  • You would need to use the APIs (specifically a timer) to stop the data from recording after a specific amount of time.
    You could also consider streaming to a hub instead to avoid this altogether.

  • I am doing natural context testing aka outside of a laboratory. There are no plugs, no power, no computers, and poor reception. This is the point of natural context movement. I am using your app via Apple products to engage/shut off the devices. This is the ONLY device I CAN have to run in these conditions. There is no ability to run matlab/python to send new coding messages. I truly would LOVE to SPEAK to someone via phone/virtual.

  • You can do this via our APIs but you need a developer/coder to help you.

  • Sorry Alley, we are an online only business. We don't have a hotline or anything like that (we are not big enough for that :))

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