Roll Yaw Pitch Calculation - Python - Linux

Is there any "Python API" or executable script to calculate Roll, Yaw and Pitch values?
I am using MetaMotionR+ sensor on Ubuntu. I am unable find any help from the github repo(


  • The MMR already does that for you as part of sensor fusion.

  • Okay. Thanks for the reply Laura.

    • Can you please point me to the link where I can find the code for extracting Roll, Yaw and Picth values with Python code.
    • Tutorials say that "Sensor fusion combines data from different sensors to compute something that cannot be calculated from one sensor alone" - Why does Roll, Yaw and Picth calculation falls into sensor fusion(when only one sensor is required to calculate it.)
  • Does my question makes sense? Please let me know if you need any clarification.


  • Hey @gudavalli,
    The roll pitch and yaw are already calculated for you as the euler angle output of sensor fusion. This is built in to the sensor and the sensor fusion
    The sensor fusion algorithm relies on the acc, gyro, and magnetometer to work.

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