Unable to download data

I'm having issues with my sensor. Logged acceleration and gyroscope data and it won't download it. It gives a message, "Wear: Partially downloaded data discovered, resuming download," but then the MetaBase program closes.

I have a MetaMotionR, model 5, firmware 1.5.0, hardware 0.4


  • Seems like at some point in time the data download was not finished (interrupted by a severed bluetooth connection).
    The best way to retrieve it would be with our anonymous downloads Python or Javascript on Linux.
    If you are using the iOS App, try the Android MetaBase App and vice-versa.
    Let me know how it goes.

  • What do you mean by anonymous downloads?
    I was using the MetaBase App on my computer. The phone app did not have the option to download.

  • The phone should have the ability to download, can you double-check?
    If you are comfortable with basic programing and our APIs, you can run our anonymous download script for Python on Windows.

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