Metabase App on M1 Mac Mini?

Will the iOS Metabase app run on a new M1 Mac Mini? Has anyone tried this? I would love to hear if anyone has had success with this.

Thank you!


  • The Swift APIs work on MacOS but the App itself was put on the app store for iPad and iPhone support. I have no idea if it will work at all. Does the M1 Mac Mini support BLE and CoreBluetooth?

  • Theoretically the M1 is supposed to run all iOS apps directly on the Mac. There's a lot of reviews saying bluetooth has issues, but some reports that dongles work, and that Apple has a software update that should fix it. Just wondering if anyone has tried with Metabase before I go out and buy one. Or maybe someone has tried with the M1 MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?

  • I can try with my Macbook Pro tomorrow and let you know (TODO)

  • Awesome, thank you!

  • I couldn't install it on my macbook pro:

  • Darn! Ok, thanks for checking.

  • Hey Laura,

    I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the M1 Mac mini.

    So based on what I’ve read:

    The Mac mini’s have a way to side load iOS/ipad applications on the mini.

    In order to prevent users from side loading apps as a way of getting around purchasing a Mac app version of the software - apple seems to require the app developer to give permission for side loading via the developer dashboard.

    Looking at the Running Your iOS Apps on macOS page on the apple develop docs, it seems like its a checkbox that needs to be switched on. Can you check to see if you can enable it on your end?

    (Take a look at the Choose Whether to Include Your iOS App on the Mac App Store section at the bottom of this page)

    Hopefully this resolves the ability to use the mbient sensors on a Mac!

    Looking forward to hearing back!

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