Android API v2.0.0 Beta 01 Release

The first beta release of Android API v2.0.0 is available.  Version 2.0.0 has several new features to streamline tasks that normally would have resulted in callback hell e.g. setting up a data processing chain or using the logger. The release is not compatible with previous APIs so you will need to overhaul your code to use this beta release. Instructions on integrating the library into your project are in the project's README file, and the wiki has more details on v2.0.0 features.  Sample code is also provided in example module.  

As this is a beta release, there may be breaking changes future beta releases, up until the official v2.0.0 release.  Also note the first release has primarily focused on setting up the proper infrastructure for handling sensor data.  Support for auxiliary modules such as IBeacon, NeoPixels, and Haptic (to name a few) have not been added at the moment.

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  • Hi Eric, Sounds good if the new API will streamline things like data processing. The guide on the wiki has been a great help. Appreciate all the documentation we can get. Best Regards.
  • edited July 2015
    Yes, data processing is much simpler and more compact now. With the current beta 01 release, you can construct the activity chain in this blog post ( as follows: 

            .filter("time?period=30000").subscribe(new MessageProcesor() {
                public void process(Message msg) {
                    Log.i("Activity demo", String.format("%d", msg.getData(Integer.class)));
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