Soldering an extra button

I was wondering if it is possible to solder an extra button onto the MMR that functions as a reset button and if it is possible, where on the board would I solder it? The hard reset is normally performed by inserting metal in pins 4 & 7, but I was worried that soldering a button to there would result in the board short circuiting and cause problems down the road, especially with the battery being an LED battery.


  • You can solder an extra button but it won't be able to be a reset button.
    Now what you can do is add a button to one of the battery leads and it would turn the battery on and off (effectively turning the metawear on and off).

  • What would happen if a two pin button was soldered to the pins I mentioned on the board? Would it damage the board in any way or cause harm to it?

  • It causes a short and can damage the board.

  • I see, thanks for the help. Regarding adding a switch/button the the battery leads, does the Lithium ion battery have any safeguards to prevent it from overheating (or even worse, exploding)? The risk of explosion is one to consider when attaching switch to the battery lead. Additionally, does the switch have to be attached to the positive lead or can it be attached to either the positive or ground wire (since the circuit in theory is round it shouldn't make a difference should it?)?

  • The battery has some safeguards built in but they are minimal, you should still be careful.
    It doesn't matter which lead you add the button to.

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