Non-replaceable battery for MMR is spoilt, what next?


My MMR hasn't been used for close to a year now, and the battery has gotten puffy.

I'm looking at 2 things:

1) Is there a way to get a replacement battery and use the device thereafter
2) Can I connect to it using power from another source (i.e. my computer)


  • 1) Yes, you can buy a lipo battery from our store or even from amazon and just solder the old one off and the new one on (you need to be able to to solder to a pcb and have equipment for this).
    2) Yes and No. So the battery has to be there to work with a power source because the way our sensors work is the power "goes through" the battery. If the battery is not there, it won't work.
    A puffy battery is a big dangerous as it is combustible so I do recommend replacing it asap.

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