Detecting iBeacon Feature

I'm using Android App: iBeaconDetector and I see MetaWear Beacon, Estimote, StickNFind ...

- But for MetaWear it says "not a beacon"
- Using node-bleacon (with NodeJS on RPi) I don't see MetaWear but the others

What values should I set in the Sample Android App to make it work ?

Whats should I do to add proprietay data like motion in the ibeacon protocole ? I want to do something like Estimote Stickers to do Geofencing with a Raspberry Pi


  • After enabling IBeacon mode, you must disconnect from the MetaWear board for it to broadcast the IBeacon ad packets.

  • Yes ! Thanks it working great !
    The NodeJS node-bleacon see it too !
  • Is there a trick to add some proprietary data in iBeacon UUID when it is in motion ? 

    For instance when there is an activity set Minor to 1  (otherwise 0) for X seconds
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    Hey JpEncausse,

    I'll have Eric and Stephen take a look at whether or not we can do the timing and motion depended advertising. if not, it would be something we could add in future API releases.
  • Thanks Laura !

    My idea is to keep track of Beacon in motion using a Raspberry Pi to do Geofencing / Logging. The NodeJS library node-bleacon already works with estimote stickers

    (BTW a SDK for NodeJS would be great to handle many MetaWear)

  • Hrm, off the top of my head, yes this should be possible.  For the old Android API, you can do this by utilizing the event and timer modules.  What you would do is program the board to respond to a motion event by setting the IBeacon major value and starting a timer.  You will also program the board to respond to the timer event by resetting the IBeacon major value back to 0.  

    I'm not sure if the firmware can change the advertisement settings on the fly like this without disabling IBeacon mode first but I'll have to play around with the board to confirm.  Also, the accelerometer chip on our board will send notifications for board motion for accelerating and decelerating.  Depending on your exact use case, you may need to attach some data processors to remove the deceleration event.
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