MMS maximum sample size

I am seeing confusing information regarding how many samples the new MetaMotionS can store. I am using this discussion post as reference:

So the MMR has 512kB of flash memory, which meant it could actually store 524k samples. The MMS datasheet shows it has 1 MB of flash memory, so I would assume that to mean it can store 1 million samples. But on the product page it says up to 100M entries? Is that accurate?


  • It depends on what you store. Temperature data takes 1 entry into our memory while accelerometer takes 2 entries.
    1 entry is 8 bytes.

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    I am interested in accelerometer data, but that conflicts what was said in the other post no? Is one sample (time, x, y, z) considered one entry or two? And if one entry is 8 bytes, how can 524,288 "entries" be stores in a 524kB flash memory for the MMR?

    I guess all I am really looking for is how many accelerometer entries (time, x, y, z) could I then store on the MMS?

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    Yes it's not going to be a perfect math equation because we store some metadata and other info in NAND flash (and also things like bad pages / corrupt pages).
    So for sensor fusion (which takes the same amount as acceleration data) we calculated 46.5 hours of 100Hz sensor fusion with 67108864 entries in memory would fill up to entire flash memory of the MMS.

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