MMS Cannot read Quats and Accelerometer Data


I just received some of the new MMS sensors. Neat little sensors. However, I cannot stream or record quaternions.
There appears to be a problem with the configuration of the accelerometer.

On a closer look there is also no accelerometer data available. Is this a bug with the firmware or on the apps I have tried (Android (MetaBase, MetaWear), Windows, Raspbian)



  • Quick Update: I am able to stream ACC and QUAT data using the python example scripts of the python API.

  • Hey @atonino,
    So our swift apis, iOS app, python, and javascript APIs have been updated.
    Android and Android Apps are in progress.
    Windows is not currently supported.
    Just something to keep in mind.

  • me too on android metabase

  • The Android APIs were just updated.
    It will take another week to release Android Metabase. I strongly suggest using the APIs or iOS MetaBase in the meantime.

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