connecting multiple sensors to hub

1) we are looking to connect 8-10 Metamotion sensors to a hub. we have our own raspberry Pi running the python backend and connected 5 BLE dongles. We are having persistent connectivity issues and are not able to stream data reliably. Wondering if there are any tutorials or documentation on connecting more sensors to the hub

2) right now, the quaternions are set to stream at 100 hz by default. For our application, we only need 10-20 Hz. We are not able to reduce this data rate. Can you please point to how we can accomplish this?

thank you


  • 1) I haven't published the MetaBase App for MetaHub yet, I will do that soon. In the meantime if you make your own hub, you do have to write your own code using our APIs and docs to connect multiple sensors. You will need multiple dongles as well.
    2) The bosch sensor fusion library only streams at 100Hz. You would need to downsample using our data processor APIs.

  • thanks @Laura - where can we read about the data processor APIs?

  • just go to our tutorials

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