Euler Angles (pitch, roll, yaw) Ranges


I would like to know the ranges of pitch, roll, and yaw (Euler angles) if I set the params as follows:



I printed out their ranges. It seems as follows:

Pitch range (degree): -180 to 180
Roll range (degree): -90 to 90
Yaw range (degree): 0 to 360

I have two questions.
1. Why roll ranges from -90 to 90, unlike the pitch range? Because the total ranges (360 deg) of the pitch and yaw are different from the total range (180 deg) of the roll.
2. Those three ranges are always fixed? I mean, for example, pitch range can change to 0 to 360; roll range can change 0 to 360?


  • hey @joonan7,
    Unfortunately I don't have an answer for this because it is the BOSCH library we use and we aren't allowed to read the code or know much about it (it is closed source and proprietary). You could post on their forum to get answer.

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