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Hi all,

I am a Ph.D. student looking to use the MMR devices to assess the use of grip positions in tennis. I just have a few general queries after reading and viewing the tutorials. I have also searched the forums for these answers, and have cut down on my queries however I am having no luck for these last couple few. It would be great to have these answered!

  1. The primary purpose of these devices is to find the relative angular differences between a device affixed to the back of a hand, and a second device affixed centrally to the triangle of a tennis racket. Would it be possible to have some guidance on whether the NDoF or IMUPlus modes are better for this sort of analysis?

  2. Under the sensor fusion tab, it has the following statement "In non-absolute or relative orientation modes, the heading of the sensor can vary depending on how the sensor is placed initially." Does this mean that the device's orientation (0,0,0) is from where the device is positioned and turned on?

  3. For the Euler Angles, does this refer to the angle of the device itself, and if so, is this from the set orientation of the device?
    Would there be a direct output in any of the capture modes that are available in the Metabase apps for the Euler angle?

  4. if I were to use a meta hub to connect 6 devices, what would the recommended BLE sensors needed to inserted to either stream or log data in the NDoF or IMUPlus modes.

Thanks in Advance!


    1. It's up to you to figure that out. Best to take some sample data.
    2. You need to tare in software yourself.
    3. This is documented in our datasheets.
    4. ?
  • Thank you Laura.

    As for the fourth question, sorry I realised it was nonsense. However, it is indicated that using multiple Bluetooth devices/connectors is better for data capture. Is this due to simply that using multiple Bluetooth connectors provides greater bandwidth for devices to stream data? Meaning that 2 Bluetooth connectors (which comes in the meta hub bundle) providing its given bandwidth would need to be shared amongst the 6 devices.


  • Yes you are correct.

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