Android app in Play store cannot see MetaMotionC Sensor, but phone can - how to troubleshoot


The app does not see my sensor with 2 Android 11 devices I tried, but in both cases it is visible as "MetaWear" in BT devices.

I wanted to try stepping through the source code of an example app to try and troubleshoot, but the links to the example apps are gone and there just seems to the SDK available now and I don't really know where to start or if the sensor even works :-(

Can anyone point me to a basic app that connects to the sensor and reads some values?




  • Sion,
    Can you try the metawear app here: -> (open it in a diff directory)

  • Thanks.

  • Hi Laura,
    I am having a similar problem. I am using the metawear app from the on github. I have installed it on my Google 3a phone with no issues, however the app cannot connect to my MMR sensor. My phone can see the sensors. I am wondering how to best troubleshoot the problem. Thank you!

  • Does the MetaBase App from the app store work?

  • Yes, the MetaBase App is working

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