MacOS Universal Binary & Static Lib

Hi, I have been trying to make sense of your makefile to adjust it to build out a static lib (ideally without all the symbolic linked libs with version names in them to streamline linking) and have had even more issues trying to adjust the makefile to be a universal binary

any help would be great!


  • makefile? for mac? I am confused. What are you talking about specifically?

  • I am trying to compile into a universal binary library which is now required for BigSur (or macos 11+)
    I am struggling trying to figure out the makefile supplied in here as it needs to not include symbolic linked libs, ideally be static instead of dynamic but most importantly be able to set a min macos target and make an arm + x86_64 lib to be combined by macos lipo into a universal binary

    in short, if you ever had quick suggestions as I am just having a hard time reverse engineering the makefile included in the repo for compiling on macos

  • But I don't understand, it already does this for you in my Xcode example on Github?

  • is there an xcode cpp example that doesnt use cocapods?

  • Unfortunately not

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