Bluetooth not working


Yesterday I connected a wire to one of the gpio pins on the board and applied a voltage of 0.5V and was using the logging function to read in the voltage.
It was fine until the board suddenly disconnected and ever since it disconnected I have not been able to connect to the board again. This is the second board that has done this and I was wondering if using the gpio pins somehow disrupt the bluetooth and damages the ble. Or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you.


  • Please post information about your circuit setup. How was your ground hooked up?
    How much current did you apply to that GPIO pin? They can't source/sink that much current or you will damage the board permanently.

  • I attached one wire to pin 8 (GPIO 0) and one to Vgnd(pin 4) and didn't apply any current. The wires were attached to a battery and the corresponding ground. 
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    Do you have an engineer or technician that can help you? 
    If you applied a Voltage, you must have applied a Current. Based on your description you likely applied too much current and potentially damaged the MetaWear board. It would be good if someone with experience could take a look at your board.
    Do you have a photo showing what you hooked up? 
    BTW you should not hook up a battery straight to a GPIO pin, that will definitely blow up your MetaWear.
  • You should use a resistor on pin 8 to limit the current so you don't damage the pin by drawing too much current.
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