MMS failure

Hi, We have boutht 12 MMS devices. Eleven of the MMS devices record and download correctly data. But, one of the MMS devices (MAC DA:37:0F:65:DB:97) doesn't work correctly with last realease of your Metawear App nor our own Android App. When we send the start recording command to the device it doesn't start recording nor Metawear App nor our own Android App. Also the blinking red led doesn't work, so it is not recording.

After several minutes the data downloaded is 0. And the Metawear shows an strage info: null null null ...
Please find attached the Metawear App capture.



  • Can you send a diagnostic report for this device? Also can you send me info about your purchase date? We should be able to arrange an exchange if its not outside warranty.

  • Hello.

    Sure, hace you any option in your apps to obtain this diagnostic report? Or how can I obtain this?
    Please find attached the capture of the purchase order.


  • Please can you manage this question....

  • Are you able to send pictures of the device that isn't working as well as a diagnostic report from the metawear app?

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