Increase download speed MMS

Good morning,

We are using 4 MMS to log accelerometer data at 10 Hz. After 1hr the raspberry we are using as host downloads the datas but, due to the amount of data and the slow BLE speed (less than 100 entries per seconds) we need a lot of time to download it. The issue is critical in my Application because the sensors moves during the download and it cannot be guaranteed the distance between sensors and host. So very often we lose the connection, losing also the possibility to reactivate the logging process after the download.

In light of the above, My questions are:
1.Accelerometer data have 13 digits in the logged file, is it possible to reduce it in the sensor firmware to reduce amount of data?
2. Is it possible to send just total acceleration ipo accx accy accz?
3. Is there a way to pack, fuse (or similar) the data to speed up the bluetooth trasmission.

Honestly it is very strange that ble is so slow...

Thanks a lot


    1. Unfortunately it is not possible to reduce this
    2. There is a packed mode for accelerometer data you can use
    3. The packed data is our recommendation

    We will be releasing USB download support for the MMS soon, that could be an option for you.

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