MMS USB log download speed: 100 samples/second?

Hi community and @Laura,

I've clocked the download speed of samples over the new USB download at ~100 samples/second. Is that what you would have anticipated for download speed? This is captured by using and timing the number of rows written to the output csv (divide rows by time to download, over the course of multiple minutes). If it is not what you anticipated, can you please list some factors that may affect this speed, and what you would have expected for max downloaded samples/second over USB?



  • This is resolved. I was not using the MetaWearUSB class, since the example has not been updated. If anybody else is reading this, I have not been able to find a python example for usage of the MetaWearUSB class.

  • Scratch that, USB was being used, rate is limited as discussed above.

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    To test log readout performance there is a simple python script in the SDK . On the Win10 dev machine I receive ~735 entries/s over BLE, ~5725 entries/s over USB. Note that accelerometer samples require 2 entries each due to length.

    After a connection has been established, you can check if it is using USB with the <MetaWear_object>.usb.is_connected field.

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