Looking for an example of MetaWearUSB command usage please

None exist in the sdk for MetaWearUSB examples. Looking for some guidance here please. @Matt @Laura


  • Some comments and notes on MetaWearUSB class and device behavior from other discussions.

    • Only one connection is allowed at a time.
    • Initiating USB communication will force a BLE disconnect.
    • Device continues advertising for discovery while a USB communication is established.
    • BLE connection attempts will be blocked while the USB is communicating.
    • USB "communication" requires both the device to be plugged in and the USB serial port to be opened by the client API/program. This means the BLE will not be disconnected while charging, only if it is interacted with over the USB link.

    • The python API will automatically scan the USB bus for devices when connecting by MAC. If present on USB, USB will be chosen for communication.

    • The complete MetaWear API is enabled and supported over the USB connection -- All Python SDK examples will run over either connection type.

    On linux systems it may be necessary to add your user to the dialout or similar user group, or run code as root.

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