wrong date

I need help with MMS sensors. I made a lot of measures with the sensors. The last 2-3 measures has a problem. I updated the firmware of the MMS and the tablet but, the measures have wrong date in the excel.
After I start the measure everthing is fine, but after some minutes the date jumps months.
I show you the excel.
Can anybody know what is the problem and how can I fix it?
Thank you


  • @Neurology

    Could you share a complete data capture or is the file too large?

    Does this happen with every new data capture initiated?

    Are all samples after the initial shift experiencing the same offset, or does the date return to normal after some time?

    What application and device are you using to perform the log download?

    As of yet, we have been unable to reproduce this issue at the firmware level on our end.

    From the looks of the log, a single static offset is introduced to the data at that point. For critical data sets, it should be possible to adjust and remove that offset using excel, especially with data sources of fixed sampling rate like the accelerometer.

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