Unexpected Disconnects not working in Android 12

Hi mbientlab-team,

board.onUnexpectedDisconnect callback is not working in android 12 with the MMRL device.

code snippet, which does not work for Android 12. it never seem to enter in this following callback function:

board.onUnexpectedDisconnect(new MetaWearBoard.UnexpectedDisconnectHandler() {
public void disconnected(int status) {
Log.i("MainActivity", "Unexpectedly lost connection: " + status);

MetaWare Device: MetaMotionRL
MetaWare SDK Version: 3.8.2
Phone: Google Pixel 6
Android Version: 12

Thanks in advance! :)


  • Hey @toffy_dee,
    Unfortunately we don't have an Android developer right now so we are not able to support Java development. We are currently looking for someone to join our team and will let you know when we have found them.

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