on board logging data retrieval

I can stream but not log. I get log updates and the compete event but no data.

private fun setupAccLogging() {
accelerometer?.acceleration()?.addRouteAsync { source ->
source.log { data, env ->
sendMessageToJS(reactContext!!, RightStepNativeModule.TEST_DATA_EVENT)
}?.continueWith {

if i change log to stream it streams...with source.log there is nothing received here.

Thanks in advance



    I have been fighting with this for months! I can confirm the above code works!

    I updated the firmware to latest 1.5.1 and things just started to work..potentially due to being reset?

    I also add metaWearBoard?.tearDown() in various places but have no idea at present if this is a thing or not.

  • UPDATE: it stops retrieving logged data occasionally...resetting the device through metabase makes it work again. Probably need to add some cleanup code somewhere.

  • @mcrooks,
    Thank you for the update, we do have this reset recommendation in our tutorials. A lot of times it is easy to have code put the device in a bad state.

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