Logging and download data at the same time.


I have MetamotionC and MetamotionS.
Both boards can log the data on the device memory.
Can anyone help me with this :Can I download and log data at the same time in Android ?

If it is possible then how downloading data works?
How already downloaded data works Is it override or manually delete it?


  • @Raghav
    The sensors will continue to log while downloading unless logging is disabled first. This is a supported and tested configuration.

    A download operation typically runs for a requested number of data points, or until presently logged values have all be read out.

    Data is removed after it has been downloaded. This is handled on a per block basis, and an acknowledge is used to guarantee an entry has been received before marking it for deletion.

  • can you post the python code to download data while logging please ?

  • @giovanni_dq

    There is nothing special to be done to do both, just don't make any calls to stop logging or shutdown your sensor before doing a log download.

    If your remove line #37 libmetawear.mbl_mw_logging_stop(d.board) from https://github.com/mbientlab/MetaWear-SDK-Python/blob/master/examples/log_acc.py you will be logging while downloading.

    Streaming while logging on the other hand, is not recommended as it will likely lead to packet loss.

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