Python for QT and MetamotionRL

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I am testing Pyqt with Metawear. I have been trying to stream IMU sensor in a simple example but GUI is not responding while is sending via terminal. I guess is for de Event Loop of QT. I think you could use async libraries as qasync, I have done with other IMUs but But I like to know if Metawear has good support for async and could works fine in QT. I am new in Metawear but I appreciate your tips and if I should use another GUI framework for Metawear. Could anoyne provide a proper code in order to use metawear libraries in Python for QT5?

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  • @ijimenez The Python SDK is asynchronous in design so you should not have any issue running QT on the main thread. Just be sure you are not making any blocking calls used in our examples like time.sleep() or Event.wait().

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