Issues in macOS 12+


We have been struggling for a few weeks now to try to figure out why all of the sudden we have issues regarding our usage of the MetaWear-SDK-Cpp lib in macOS and have narrowed it down to maybe something with the async nature on macOS12 (we keep crashing on the CoreBluetooth framework and are unable to see whats happening inside there.

Has anyone else been seeing this lately or know any more insight into this issue. The strange thing is when when doing a system upgrade it might run and work once but upon executing and compiling again it will no longer work (this is what lead us to think it might be something to do with the async handling and if its something we can put safeguards for but so far have no gotten any closer to solving the issue).


  • Are you using the Cpp repo directly or as a submodule within one of the Swift wrapper SDKs?

    For the crash, could you paste in the log output for the crash? (Enabling the SDK's console logger for Bluetooth packets would be awesome, if you can.)

  • using the Cpp repo directly, codebase used to work no issue and same codebase works on some machines and not others (only glaring difference being version of macOS)
    it crashes here:

    Enqueued from (Thread 3) Queue : (serial)

    and the log output is:

    libc++abi: terminating with uncaught exception of type std::length_error: version string '
    {\226C' did not split into 3 elements
    terminating with uncaught exception of type std::length_error: version string '
    {�C' did not split into 3 elements

    the only other thread of relevancy is waiting for the return of mbl_mw_metawearboard_is_initialized()

  • for clarity here is the interfacing we built for the metamotion lib:
    that branch is specifically where we are trying to debug more specifically

  • bump on this one? we have been stuck for about a month now and customers have been complaining

  • anyone else come across this, maybe more related to this:

  • edited April 2022

    bumping again, btw on macos12.3 bluetooth issues are resolved and it again looks like I am just having issues with this library.

    it keeps crashing on the mbl_mw_sensor_fusion_set_mode

    it would be very helpful to have a c++ example that I can reference as I am worried the snippets on the API docs are incomplete or out of date?

  • @DylanMach1,
    There's not enough information here from your code or crash log. Can you send us code snippers, crash logs, bluetooth outputs and so on?

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