Timer / Interval questions

Does anyone have any recommendations / examples of using multiple timers and/or delaying a repeated timer? I'm working on app where it would be useful to start/stop logging on the device for certain intervals. For example, I'd want to initially delay starting to capture logs for X minutes (which I've been able to accomplish using one timer), then pause/stop logging after another Y minutes, and then repeat the intervals. I'm not sure if this possible with the current firmware.


  • @connorwinter

    Yes, this can be achieved with the present firmware.

    It seems like the best way to handle this would be to have a timer for starting logging be a repeated type, with delayed start. The second timer for stopping logging could be a single shot, started each time by the timer that starts logging. This would make the logging stop self timed to the logging start.

    If the initial delay needs to different than the period between start logging events, you may need to use a 3rd timer.

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