Differentiating between MMR and MMRL devices

We have created an Android based application and we MUST distinguish between MMR/MMS devices and MMRL as the last ones do not have barometric sensor.

We were using API functions such as

System.out.println("Modelo " + metawear.getModel());
System.out.println("ModeloString " + metawear.getModelString());

However they return METAMOTION_R and MetaMotion R in both cases. So how we could differentiate both type of devices?

I'd appreciate your help


  • @jbmere MMRL is more of a marketing name, in the hardware/firmware design MMR and MMRL are the same.

    There are two basic ways to go about distinguishing MMR from MMRL -- All hardware revision 0.5 MMR devices are MMRL, or via the presence of the barometric sensor.

    As state, if the board is model 5 (MMR) revision 0.5 it is an MMRL. Here is how the MetaBase app is reading that information from the bluetooth device information service: https://github.com/mbientlab/MetaWear-Android-MetaBase-App/blob/main/app/src/main/java/com/mbientlab/metawear/metabase/DiagnosticFragment.java#L466

    The second option, target sensor support is enumerated when a device is connected, so if a device is reporting barometer support and is model MMR, then it is not an MMRL device. I would need to dig for an example if you choose to follow this method

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