Sensor Disconnects when an Obstacle comes in front of it

The sensor does not give data and disconnects when an obstacle comes in front of it


Hardware Revision [0.5]
Firmware Revision [1.7.3]
Model Number [5]


1 Device Model [OnePlus 7 PRO]
OS version [Android 11]

2 Device Model [Windows 10 PRO]
Bluetooth Dongle [TP-LINK UB400 Bluetooth 4.0]

Expected Behaviour

The device should stay connected when within range and should give data when placed on the body, but when it is placed within range and if there's an obstacle in front of it, like a human body/hand it disconnects, and if we try to initialize it when placing 10/15 feet, it doesn't show as a discoverable device and if we connect it first and then take it away it disconnects and we have to reset it for reconnection, even on metahub(Raspberry Pi) it shows the same problem. Even after updating the sensors to Firmware version 1.7.3 nothing changed, the same problems still exist. It was also tried on the MetaBase app on Android and IOS but the lagging in data and being disconnected with an obstacle still existed, and if we take it away just a few steps from the device the speed drops to 40-50Hz and sometimes to 10-20Hz when initialed at 100Hz. We used Python SDK, and C# SDk but the same problems existed in both of them. Also when the sensor is enclosed in the fist, it disconnects and doesn't show as discoverable.

We could also provide a video if you want

App version 3.5.0


  • Hello,

    we're experiencing similar behavior. We're using Android SDK with MMRL

    Any help would be much appreciated

  • Bluetooth signal strength is greatly affected by human body intervention. You may check RSSI values, if the value goes beyond -90 dBm you may not have a reliable connection.

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