Using MetaMotionRL Sensor

Very, very new to this. I bought a MetaMotionRL Sensor. want to measure acceleration (speed & direction via accelerometer), vibration level (via coin motor), altitude and orientaion or postioning. To date I have achieved data outputs from the accelerometer. Are these outputs in g (gravity)? Not sure about the rest. - How do I know when the battery is low?


  • @JWB

    Yes, the accelerometer output is in g's of gravity. The App store apps such as MetaWear and MetaBase have indicators for battery level once connected.

    Acceleration is the native output from the accelerometer, and if your sensor axes are aligned with the object your measuring may help you determine the direction of changes in motion. The best you can do for speed is to use integration on the acceleration as an estimate, it cannot be measured directly as in a GPS.

    The coin motor is intended for haptic vibration output, if you want to analyze vibration of the sensor, working with the accelerometer is the best option. Any vibration of the sensor will show up as noise in the accelerometer data.

    Only the MMS model is equipped with a barometer for measuring altitude.

    For orientation the sensor fusion euler angle output describes this directly.

  • Thank you for the reply. In terms of the axis, see attached taken from the manual, do the axis change if the sensor position changes, ie: if the sensor is rotated 45 degrees does the vertical axix X rotate 45 degrees or does it remain vertical?

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