AA batteries?

Can 2xAA batteries in series be used instead of Lithium Ion?
AA's are readily available and can be popped in to replace discharged batteries vs having to plug the whole unit into a usb recharger.
The use case is 10's if not 100's of units installed needing to be recharged regularly.  Swapping out batteries and recharging the dead ones 'off line' seems a more efficient way to go for the user.


  • The MetaWear C will have the replaceable coin cell batteries. That should fix your problem!
  • Thanks for the quick reply.
    An option is to get a bigger Li battery as referenced elsewhere at the MbientLabs sight- http://www.powerstream.com/li-pol.htm a bigger battery would last longer between rechargings.
    The AA or AAA battery would require a DC/DC [& the PCB to go with it]
    For now I'll mull over a bigger battery but probably stick with the 100 mah that comes with the unit.
  • Sounds good Phil!
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