Is it possible to release schematics and BOM which are useful for firmware upgrade


  • Please email us directly at to request this sort of documentation.
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    Dear Laura,

    I am developing my firmware. Could you please give me copy of schematics?

    Oops there are good list of pin connections on page 6 MetaWearPPSv0.7.pdf
  • Still schematics will be useful.

    How SA0 of accelerometer is connected?

    What type of LED driver is used?
  • Do not worry. I have found LED driver chip myself :)
  • This is in the PG now
  • Where can I get the information about the LED driver?
    I am developing my own firmware as well and I would like to use the LED.

  • I am adding the LED information to the Product guide:
    It will be there by the end of the week.
  • Ok it has been updated!!! Check the new docs.
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