help me get started with an offline motion feedback application


We were hoping to use the MetaWear RG as a motion feedback device. The idea is simple, you wear the metawear in the wristband and when you position your arm in  a certain way the vibrating motor gets activated for half a second. The idea was to implement this so it can be used without a phone present.

We thought this would be possible because the website stated that you programmed the device using a phone, but after reading parts of the documentation it seems that the device can only operate when used in combination with an iPhone or android device. So using it without a phone present might be difficult. For the record I am familiar with C and writing embedded applications, but Java and android development is new for me. I'm not opposed to learning java however if it is required. 

So my questions are as follows:

1.) Is it possible to program the device so that it can give simple motion feedback without the direct presence of a smartphone?
2.) Is it required to program in java or can I load some relatively simple custom firmware on the device?

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    The iOS / Android device is only needed to program the board to respond to your event.  After that one time setup, you can disconnect the phone and let the board run on its own..

    One of the main feature of MetaWear is that you don't need to write firmware to program the board.  You don't have to write Java (or objective C) but we only officially support iOS and Android.
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