MetaWear Pin mappings

Is it possible to get a description of the Pin mappings from the hardware guide to the pins on the nRF51822 device? 


  • rosterloh,

    We are looking into this but we might release this information when we release mbed support. We are not sure our team is big enough to support hardware and firmware at this point in time.
  • Ah well I'm working on MBED support so if you'd like a hand I'd be happy to help
  • In that case email me at
  • rosterloh,
    We added pin mappings to the Product Spec:
  • Perfect. Thank you.What is the status of your MBED support? Is there a project or is it just something you're thinking about for the future?
  • It is currently a project. We are hoping to have MBED support in January (fingers crossed)
    However, there are some hardware and licensing hurdles we have to overcome first and we also have a few other MetaWear updates in the pipeline.
    I will keep you updated.
  • Hi Laura.

    Any update on the MBED support?

    Will it be supported for the MetaWearC?

    We are evaluating the MetaWearC for a solution to our product line, but we will need to be able to modify firmware to a limited extent; otherwise, it will not be feasible.

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    Hey chriscc,

    You can already get a debugger/programmer from Nordic and interface it to the MetaWear debug/programming pings and use MBED to program your MetaWear. 

    I just need to do a quick tutorial on the setup so folks can get started.

    Basically, MetaWear is already MBED compliant and you can write your own firmware today if you wanted to.

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