how to check if it working?


is there any other way to check if the device is working than over the test-app or the controll of the voltage?
because in my case, the app seems to be working and there is enough power coming from the battery (~4V).

there is no led lightning up or any to button to push to get a reaction of the board, right?

or is there a RESET-button or away to RESET the board?

thanks for every hint!

greetings, till


  • Currently, there is no physical feedback to indicate whether or not the device is on / working.  
  • Thanks Eric for your answer. Maybe the next firmware could integrate a feedback f.e. when the button is pushed, or Bluetooth activated....

    do you know a way to RESET all the board?

    thanks for an answer
  • @subtill you can check to see if your bluetooth picks up a signal for the Metawear.
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    A reset command can be issued through the ble channel, I will add a button for that on the next Android update (iOS app already has this feature).  As of right now, there is no physical way to reset the device other than cutting the power.
  • As I am just getting started and had the same question, I wanted to add that before actually setting up the demo iOS application, I wanted to be sure that I had soldered the battery successfully.  In case anyone else is at this stage, perhaps the following will help.

    When I reviewed the list of bluetooth devices available on my iPhone 5, Metawear does not appear.  HOWEVER, I found a bluetooth BLE Scanner app on the iTunes App Store (called Pally BLE Scanner in this case).  On that I can see a continuous scan that includes MetaWear and shows the signal strength.  So, I am convinced that I have soldered correctly.  Next step is to provision and set up my iPhone dev environment.

  • Hey guys,

    If you use the Nordic or Radius Network Apps you can search for nearby Bluetooth devices and you will find the MetaWear advertising. That's a sure way to know it's working (the MetaWear 128-bit BLE UUID is 326A9000-85CB-9195-D9DD-464CFBBAE75A).

    You can use the Android and iOS sample Apps to reset your board as well. Just remmember it takes a few seconds after a reset or Firmware update for the board to start advertising again (it might look like it's not working but it's just finishing its reset).

    I'll be updating the GettingStartedGuide with a way to "cheat" and force the MetaWear to reset shortly.
  • I've got the same problem. After i received my board i tried connecting the board (powered by battery or USB) to Android. Nordic does not find any BLE device. Nexus 4 connects to other BLE devices.

    The power measurements on the board are somehow weird. The 3V pin measures about 7V first. Later there's no power anymore at all. The battery is still charged.

    I think there should be at least a short blink of the LED when the board is powered on or reset.
  • How to check that your device is working:

    1. Use our MetaWear iOS or Android App available on the Google Play and Apple App stores to test your device.

    2. Make sure your device is Bluetooth Low Energy compliant (you can Google this). Older devices will not be Bluetooth4.0 compliant so beware! Also Bluetooth4.0 devices are not always connectable through your device menu so beware! 

    3. Make sure your board is either plugged in to the USB or connected to the battery (or both). 
    Remember that you cannot power the LED off of the USB power alone.

    If you believe your board is defective, let us know. We replace DOA boards free of charge however this process takes months as we personally have to examine whether or not the board was tempered with or damaged. You are also responsible for shipping the board back to us so that we can examine it. 
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