MetaWear C++ Library Available

Hi MetaWear users,

We have now implemented the MetaWear protocol in C++.  The library can be used with any C/C++ project or with any language that can call C functions from a shared library (C#, Python, etc).  You can view/download the source code on our GitHub page,

As this library is intended to be used across multiple platforms, it is a very bare bones library and does not implement any Bluetooth functionality nor any advanced features from the Android and iOS library such as the DataSignal and MBLEvent classes.  It simply helps you construct the bytes for issuing commands to the MetaWear board and interpret the responses sent by the board.  You will need to build complex features in your language of choice on top of the C++ library.   The project's wiki page provides an overview of how to call the functions in the library,


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