NeoPixel[WARNING] exceded max strands

R board HW 0.2 FW 1.0.4
ios API 1.9.4 

using a single neopixel (not a single strand, a single pixel) connected as per

it lights up fine when connected.  

running sample code like so:
MBLNeopixelStrand *strand = [device.neopixel strandWithColor:MBLColorOrderingRGB speed:MBLStrandSpeedFast pin:0 length:1];
for (int i = 0; i < length; i++) 
    [strand setPixel:i color:[UIColor greenColor]];
on the first run it turns the neopixel off entirely, each run after it does nothing, except give this warning in the console:
NeoPixel[WARNING] exceded max strands
disconnecting the neopixel from power, reconnecting it, and restoring the mbient board to factory settings puts it back in position to turn off again. 



  • Does the sample code from the blog post work?
  • You need to keep the strand object around while the app is running.  If the stand object is ever deallocated, it's assumed you are done with it and we will turn in off.

    Try keeping a pointer to the stand object and see if that helps.
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