Minor correction sample iOS app

Although it is mentioned in the iOS api, I would be helpful it is explicitly mentioned on the readme.md

A) the simple pod commands to use (ruby install it and do pod update)
B) mention again that you can only compile for a device.

It took me a few hours (granted I am an interimdate) to make the sample iOS app work. From having to sort out pods, finding missing bolts.h, etc.

I think the sample app should explicitly state that you should use a device to build.



  • The Cocoapods piece is pretty well documented elsewhere.  The need to only use the device is something I can add to the faq,  but might be a good thing to add to the docs.

  • I just built a new app and I had the same issue. 

    I had to go to the sample app, steal the pod information, match the target, and bam everything worked. 

    Again, this is a newbie comment that you should not be sent to a link but clearly state in a sample (sample) exactly how to run it. As written, the sample doesn't work (IMHO) 
  • Sa0987, thanks for reporting your issue, we will certainly try and make things clearer.

    Are you saying you would like cocoapod information on the Metawear-SampleiOSApp since you tend to start at that repository as opposed to Metawear-iOSAPI?  Also, you shouldn't have to run any pods commands to start using the Metawear-SampleiOSApp, just download and open the .xcworkspace and build for an iOS device (not simulator as you noted)
  • Thank you.

    that is exactly what I did. Start a new project, drag the framework in. Used my iPhone 6 and I get a bolt.h header missing error. (Of course I would have not started this thread).

    I will try this again and let you know.

    Full disclosure: I am an intermediate iOS hack-programmer. So user errors are common.

  • I've removed the old tutorial using the drag framework method, and put a link to the CocoaPod one.  CocoaPods was at one time optional, but now it is the recommended way.

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