change delimiter or decimal seperator

i am using two metawear c (firmware 1.1.2) with the andriod app issue 3.3.

after a check of the .csv file, I found that the data only contains points as well for the decimal seperator as for the delimiter. 

is there a possibility to change delimiter or decimal seperator to analyse my data?


  • You can modify the app source code if you want a different delimiter.  The easier way would be to modify your processing script to conform to the CSV file format and separate the fields by commas.
  • thanks Eric for your quick response. I already tried to find the delimiter settings in the sdk documentation but I couldn't find them. I would really appreciate if you could give me a hint on this, because post processing only with points is even more difficult, I think. thanks in advance 
  • CSV formatting is not part of the SDK, you need to modify the sample app to change CSV format.  This leads me to my question, what exactly does a line in your CSV file look like?  The app is coded specifically to separate fields with a comma.  

    There are three places in the app code that creates the CSV file:

  • thanks for your advice.
    i managed it, through changing the separator. i also don't know why only my files looks different, but anyway, now we fixed it. thanks
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